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    Times are tough in the auto business. Companies everywhere are looking for ways to gain market share. Some European luxury-car makers-BMW.

    Jaguar X-TYPE Reviews: Read 26 candid owner reviews for the Jaguar X-TYPE. Get the real truth from owners like you.

    Would expect better fuel economy. What is a Bumper-to-Bumper warranty? What does CPO mean? I get 45 mpg on a run. With custom mods in 5 secs, AWD grips in any condition Nothing beets luxury of jaguar, even to simple wood trim Exterior as any other classics jag except has modern feel and performance Mainten

    Jaguar X-Type | Pricing, Ratings & Reviews | Kelley Blue Book

    Jaguar has introduced an all-new sedan for called the X-Type. The new Jaguar compares favorably to these highly competent cars in performance figures, while offering a distinct difference in feel and temperament.

    No question, the Jaguar X-Type is a serious player. Jaguar offers two models: Both have as standard something that is expected of a Jaguar: And both have something unexpected: Both models offer more options than have been traditionally available for a Jaguar. Three packages are offered: Premium, Sport, and Weather. You know what Babe Paley said: The Sport package requires the Premium package.

    Other options that can be tagged on to the Premium group include a navigation system, an emergency messaging system with integrated digital cell phone, a premium sound system with 6-CD auto changer alas, in the trunk , and high-intensity discharge headlights.

    Can you imagine a front-wheel-drive Jaguar? Thus the X-Type has all-wheel drive — a happy state that would probably not have come about had designers started with a clean sheet of paper.

    In reality, only about 20 percent of the X-Type has any connection to the Mondeo. If anything, the X-Type might be a little too self-conscious in staking out its claim to Jaguarness with its abundance of family cues. It might clutter your vision at first look. The problem facing the X-Type designers: Make a relatively short car look low and long.

    And by golly they did it, using lots of horizontal lines, body sculpting and a high-tailed wedge shape, though the wedge is more obvious in photographs than in person.

    Though the X-type is some seven inches shorter than the S-Type, the illusion is generally successful. It looks big on the road. The design of the grille and headlamps with fluting that sweeps back over the hood make the X-Type look like a baby XJ. It looks more conservative than the S-Type with its unique round grille. This aspect of the X-Type looks particularly auspicious when seen in a rearview mirror. The visual stance of the X-Type is not affected by the all-wheel-drive system.

    This is a ground-loving vehicle that makes the eye believe it is longer and lower than it is and bigger as well. What seemed to me at first to be a busy-ness about the indents, many horizontal lines and visual cues of Jaguarness faded with on-going exposure into acceptance and even appreciation. Anyway, the car looks better on the road than it does in a showroom. This is a real Jag on the inside, too. The standard seats are quite good, supportive and comfortable, and they can be adjusted every which way.

    Aggressive side bolstering is added with the Sport package, which is appropriate for more aggressive driving. Side bolstering requires more effort when getting in and out of the seat, however, so the Sport package is best left for those who love spirited roadwork. We had no trouble flinging the car around with the standard seats. The cabin has a spacious feel with outward visibility enhanced by the slimness of the pillars. The rearview mirrors are particularly generous in size.

    Jaguar X Type - What can go wrong?

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