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    Audi A3 / S3 / RS 3 MKII - Valet key? - Hi Guys, sorry to ask dumb question, but when did you guys received your keys, did you receive 2? if so.

    it's a "valet" key, so in case you need to have a valet park your car for you at a hotel for example, you just give them that key instead of the one you normally use .

    Keep the plastic key in your purse or wallet and you can unlock the car and then mate it with key holder to start the car. Before closing the glovebox, be sure you have the valet key in your possession. Learn More at kasko2go. Is it true that if you park your car in Manhattan for 60 days you have spent the cost equivalent of another Audi?

    Valet Key - Audi A5 Forum & Audi S5 Forum

    Everyone's got some sort of electrical modification. How to use Valet Key. I searched the forums and wasn't able to find the answer, only a lot of disinformation and people asking similar questions. My car came with 2 remote fobs with metal keys , a blank plastic fob, and a plastic emergency key.

    If I put the emergency key in the blank fob, it will start the car if I put the fob in the ignition. My question is, how am I supposed to use this combination of keys for valet? The valet button is in the glovebox which locks with the key, but in order for a valet to start the car I need to give them either one of the two remote fobs or the fob with the plastic key. Once they have those, they can unlock the glovebox and turn off valet mode, which makes the whole process null and void.

    I can't just give them the blank fob, because then they can't unlock the car door in order to get in. I can't give them the remote fob with metal key removed because I don't believe that will start the car by itself and because it doesn't have a ring on it, so how do they hang it from their little peg board?

    In any event, I'm confused about how I'm supposed to properly leave my car at a nice establishment that has valet without having to take 5 minutes to explain to the valet how to handle my car. Send a private message to tighr.

    Find all posts by tighr. Genuine A4 multi-ring valet key holder. Use it like a regular key chain. The valet key will only open the drivers door and start the vehicle for a short period of time, about minutes.

    This allows the Valet to park the car but not open the glove comp or the trunk. Send a private message to mrksem Find all posts by mrksem Can you post a picture of all three keys?

    Send a private message to Mfillhart Find all posts by Mfillhart I'm a newbie and I'm confused by this. Seems to me I should pull the standard keyfob apart; give the electronic plastic fob component to the valet and keep the metal key form myself after pressing the valet button inside the glove box and locking the glove box.

    Problem is, there's no key ring for a valet to hang it on a panel with other keys, attach a tag with number on it, or anything that would allow handling of the fob like any ordinary car key a valet might get. Am I missing something? Send a private message to Piggie. Find all posts by Piggie. Send a private message to go2slp. Find all posts by go2slp. Valet Key question, please help Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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    Valet keys make cars easy pickings for thieves

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