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  • List of Volkswagen Group diesel engines. The compression-ignition diesel engines listed . references: "New Audi A2 TDI with 90 bhp engine".

    The l V6 TDI engine was developed by Audi (a member of the Volkswagen Group) and introduced in as the new engine in the Audi D3 A8. The TDI .

    TDI The new TDI follows the two-liter TDI The TDI represents the very latest V8 TDI The TDI has more torque than.

    For the turning force generated by the engine, the Newton metre Nm will be the reference figure of torque. Sign Up at quora. Most TDI representatives with the number of cylinders more than 6, for example, 4. You are only reading the bad stories.

    TDI Diesel Cars: Pros and Cons of Turbocharged Direct Injection - CarsDirect

    What You Should Know. Bad Credit Auto Loan Advice. The Direct Injection Engine was considered to be the savior of diesel, and there has been a growing market for TDI diesel cars. These cars are perhaps the most interesting in their creation, as they attempt to get the benefits of a gasoline engine, including fuel efficiency and engine power, without sacrificing the low cost fuel and environmental importance of diesel.

    The TDI is important to car makers as it offers them the chance to produce a car which does not lack for performance power. However, as with any other environmental technology, there are many pros and cons to producing and using TDI diesel cars. This helps it to reflect the speed and rapid gear changes of a gasoline car, although diesel will still hold in the same gear for a while.

    There have been more improvements in the TDI recently, with the invention of an exhaust gas recirculation unit, which attempts to reduce the pollution produced by gasoline still further. The installation of catalytic converters also helps to reduce even the small amount of CO2 which the ordinary diesel car produces. There are significant reasons for purchasing a diesel car, including the fact that TDI diesel car fuel is often lower in price than gasoline, and that most diesel cars now offer a better engine performance than the closest gasoline engines.

    Disadvantages to TDI For all their advantages, there are still problems with the diesel engine system. The most significant one for the average consumer is their cost. TDI engines take more time, and cost more money, than the regular gasoline engine.

    This financial penalty is, of course, passed directly to the consumer. Some experts have suggested that the diesel TDI engine can cost as much as 5 percent more to create and install than a gas engine of the same type, or several hundred dollars for each car.

    Diesel also produces a pollutant called nitrous oxide, or NOx, and there are larger particles of soot produced by the engine. Designers have been working to reduce these affects, so they should be eliminated from the TDI in the near future.

    Another problem, which is perhaps a minor one but has been mentioned by many diesel cars' TDI review pieces in magazines, is the noise from the engine. Diesel is more noisy, and also a less comfortable ride than the gasoline engine, although as TDI improves this is perhaps something which can be handled. TDI for Diesel TDI for diesel cars has helped those vehicles to become the close rivals of gasoline powered cars, but they have not come without cost, which is chiefly centered around how much the customer is prepared to pay for his vehicle.

    With TDI cars costing more than their gasoline counterparts, they are still only bought by those with a real commitment to the environment, or who want to save money by converting the car to biodiesel fuel. A Comparison Guide Turbo engined diesel cars, also known as TDI diesel cars, are perhaps one of the most familiar of the vehicles which currently use diesel instead of gasoline. As environmental awareness increases among the consumer population, car makers are looking increasingly at making their cars tougher, more hard-wearing and enduring.

    The TDI uses gas to ignite the diesel, rather than the spark which has to be used in a gasoline car, and this also makes it more efficient. As TDI becomes more familiar, you can expect them to take over the sales of gasoline engined cars. Even now, there are many cars which can be considered to be top sellers. Because of the complexity and sheer size, a diesel fuel injection service is far more expensive than a gasoline engine.

    Audi A3 2.0 TDI engine sound

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