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    Remember those rumors about a more powerful and lighter audi r8 here s the car we were talking about the audi r8 gt a special edition limited.

    About Audi. Audi is the most popular brand among used cars. The annual output is 2 million vehicles.

    Audi R8 e-tron prototype at the Frankfurt Motor use of carbon-fiber- reinforced plastic over R8 GT.

    The engineers also found 2. Audi R8 Leasing Deals. The V8 option as available for the previous generation model was dropped due to the V10 available in entry level trim as well. The R8 development program began in with Lamberty's design being approved and frozen for production. I drove the GT deep into the night, and when the rain finally ended, the superbright LED headlamps swept the routes nationales et departmentales clean for one last wild ride.

    Audi R8 GT () review | CAR Magazine

    By Georg Kacher photography by Greg Pajo. Why was it necessary to build a second batch of mules when the R8 GT coupe was homologated last year?

    Because the fixed-head and drop-head are more different than it appears, says senior project engineer Andreas Graf. Taking out 85kg not only affects the structure and the balance but also wind and road noise. The new splitter, lighter undertray and the substantially bigger rear diffusor also affect downforce and aerodynamic stability. The weight saving over a V10 Spyder comes from bespoke seats with non-adjustable backrests, reduced sound-deadening material, thinner carpets, various carbonfibre add-ons, plus lighter brakes and wheels and a trimmed prop-shaft and gearbox housing.

    Not exactly being the anorexic type, I instantly offset the weight loss and struggled to feel much difference. Inside, the GT is a mix of tiger and pussycat. Tiger, because the Alcantara-trimmed chairs punish you for every chocolate eclair, and there are other aggressive touches: While Le Mans winners may opt for the virtually unpadded race buckets, affluent couch potatoes may prefer powered and heated leather seats.

    The only item the GT cannot be had with is a manual gearbox, because demand is minimal. It takes 19 seconds to drop the roof, and the sensations come flooding in: With the side windows up and the rear wind deflector in place, I feel pretty cocooned.

    Right now, the best configuration is roof up, rear glass pane down, so you can admire the V10 big band without getting your ears wet. The massive engine holds Italian and German passports: Maximum torque of lb ft is identical in both R8 GT and Performante.

    The V10 sounds rawer, meaner and more intense than ever before. Idle unleashes a metallic drumming interspersed by the occasional kicking of the oil pump, the impromptu whirr of the water pump and the sucking burps of the dry sump lubrication. Under part load, the noise becomes denser, then full throttle frees a mix of aural fireworks masterminded by two flaps in the exhaust system: Gone are the days when powerful mid-engined sports cars were instant widow-makers.

    Uncontrollable power oversteer, tricky counterswings and lift-off drama are history, thanks to engineering evolution and electronic aids like ABS brakes and stability programmes. The R8 GT Spyder throws in Quattro four-wheel drive for good measure, which explains why it is almost as docile and co-operative as a trained dolphin riding its own tail fin.

    Even when the rear wheels go up in smoke, the torque split never exceeds As a result, you always know which end of the car will be on fire when you give it stick. A corner begins with nip-and-tuck understeer, then the line tightens as the R8 GT follows steering and throttle orders with seismographic precision, before it transitions into a nudge of oversteer upon exit.

    The suspension soaks up any unevenness and remains sufficiently planted to match the chosen radius, quarter inch by quarter inch. The R8 GT Spyder does not sound like the supercar your father knew. All you do here is hit the ESP button briefly, and the system permits a little tail waggle and some feel-good full throttle acceleration squeal.

    2012 Audi R8 GT - First Test

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