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  • And in that time, Tesla says the Supercharger will add about to it's capable of charging up to volts at amps, or kW) -- that's a.

    Own a business and would like to have my own supercharger installed. There is a dedicated kVA 'substation' feeding the business.

    I haven't tried this but is it possible to lower the charging amp setting while supercharging?.

    This is fixed by the design of the EVSE and the size of its internal cables etc. This allows use of a bigger charger than would be feasible to carry around in the car, and so faster charging rates. After about 45 minutes the first car is no longer having any effect on the second car and the latter has reached about half full which would normally take 25 minutes. In late Tesla disallowed commercial, peer-to-peer ridesharing , taxi , and government usage of the public Supercharger network. Tesla have implemented a work-around whereby the car detects these stations and only charges at full speed for up to 30 minutes; if left connected for longer, the charging speed is reduced.

    Model 3 charging could support up to KW | Tesla Model 3 Owners Club

    Own a business and would like to have my own supercharger installed. There is a dedicated kVA 'substation' feeding the business. The voltage coming into the building itself appears to be V, which is then used as 3-phase V. Given that we're hardly drawing any current at night, I would appear to have A 'available' for some other use, namely car charging. Am I getting this right? You have made several mistakes in your assumptions as well an caculations.

    No need to break this down to amps, just stay with kW. The PF should be very good with the supercharger, likely greater then 0. You should have have kW x 0. Are you offering your location for Tesla to use as a supercharger site, or do you want this for your personal use? Will Tesla sell you a supercharger? You talk about night use, the advantage of supercharging is fast charging any time it is needed.

    Slower lower power charging is how folks take advantage of system capacity at night. Each supercharger is set up to charge two cars, the rated kW is split between the two cars.

    I would think that one kW charger would be fine if you need two charging stalls. That is what Tesla does, folks love it. A supercharger is made of eight tesla chargers is it not? How much is a single charger? Of course an enclosure, cabling, a connector etc would also be needed. Also I think is is widely accepted that a supercharger setup of 8 stalls is , without solar roof.

    If you want to purchase your own supercharger, I doubt that's anything Tesla will do at this point. If you're offering some of your parking spots to Tesla, they'd probably be eager to hear from you. Some forum posts indicate finding a business that's willing to offer a few parking spots may be one of their challenges.

    Are you near any interstates, or even state highways? As far as cost, supercharger stations also consist of some switchgear between the transformer and supercharger cabinet s. Plans need to be drawn up. There are permits and inspections to be executed, trenches need to be dug for conduit, concrete poured, charger stands installed, heavy cables installed - you can't just use the cost of a stack of Tesla chargers to estimate the cost of putting in a SC station.

    I sincerely hope that one is far out of the norm. There is no such thing as a kW AC charger. Each two-bay setup in an SC station uses 12 Tesla chargers to rectify the feed, and the car must be specially wired to accept DC charging. Supercharger maximum amperage, voltage, etc.

    Supercharger maximum amperage, voltage, etc Submitted by richard. Im totally novice, but im wondering how you got the cost of the chargers?

    Having said that, i think your estimate is a bit high. BrassGuy October 1, Brian H October 1, Red Sage ca us October 2, User login Create new account Request new password.

    Installing Tesla Wall Charger

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