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  • Open positions, values and working environment: the section of the Ferrari Corporate site dedicated to those who want to achieve their dream of working for .

    Reviews from ferrari employees about ferrari culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more.

    I have been working at Ferrari part-time. Pros. this is not like any other car dealer I have ever worked at. they actually care about the employees and while the.

    Good initial salary and excellent paid benefits. What is it like to work there? The workers themselves treat one another like family. Hey have good technical ties withn various academic institutions and I know of several people who have joined following a stint of research in an appropriate area.

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    The history, magic and mystique of Scuderia Ferrari is one of the greatest legends in motorsport. The passion of the tifosi and the bravery of the many incredible drivers who have taken the wheel of Ferrari F1 cars make this the most special and highly revered team in Formula 1. Ferarri is the oldest surviving and most successful team on the grid and yet so much mystery still surrounds it that the appeal and allure never seems to fade.

    For many, Ferrari simply is Formula 1 and through their rich histories the two remained very closely entwined. Formed in by Enzo Ferrari, the team has competed in every F1 world championship since it started in Ferarri does not advertise and instead lets its racing success do the talking.

    Famously ruthless, winning is the only option when you work for the Scuderia and many famous drivers and engineers have been fired for not meeting expectation or speaking out against their employer.

    Even the place name itself makes aficionados of the prancing horse drool and many make the pilgrimage just to see the outside of the factory and the famous Fiorano test track. Working for the Scuderia comes with high expectations.

    As Enzo famously wanted of his drivers, they work primarily for the success of the team and not for themselves. Many ambitious and competitively minded drivers have fallen foul of this expectation, not least Alain Prost and most recently Fernando Alonso.

    As a general employee the reality is perhaps not so ruthless but still remains daunting. A mix of Anglo and Italian management and shop floor workers means that temperament and politics rule the day to day environment and to survive you need to be wary of who you align yourself with and what you say.

    In times of crisis Ferrari had traditionally imploded as a result of internal back stabbing! Ferrari is probably the best funded team on the grid and if something is needed then you can generally expect to get it. The flip side of having all these people and all of this equipment is that there is a danger of being pigeon holed into a very small or narrow niche where you get very little visibility of the overall car design.

    Having said all that, when times are good then Ferrari know how to celebrate and often throw big end of season parties or celebrate race wins in style. Financial rewards are also very good as the team have very deep pockets.

    Most non-Italian employees are put onto rolling 3 year contracts which are renewed at an appropriate level depending on whether your contribution is valued or not. If things go well then most people normally do well out of a stint at Maranello. Ferarri is not for everyone but it is quite unique amongst Formula 1 teams and certainly lives up to the hype and the mystery.

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