Ferrari ff 1 4 mile

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  • The winningest team in Formula 1 and the company that best translates that racing technology to its ferrari-FF-rear-three-quarter-in-motion.

    Ferrari FF times acceleration, 1/4 mile, 0 to kmh.

    The #1 resource for Ferrari & quarter mile times offering a comprehensive index of Ferrari specs including Ferrari M Maranello F1 Compare Car.

    Maybe I'm just getting old but the Ferrari was just crazy obnoxious. Popular Car Head to Heads. Ferrari Mexico - []. Its like 15 car lengths Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

    Ferrari FF laptimes, specs, performance data - PRODUCTDESCRIPTIONS.INFO

    Instead DM an owner in the community whom you've found to be helpful to you and request theirs! Call Email CustomerSupport tesla. Call press 2, then 4 Email BodyShopSupport tesla.

    General I honestly thought the Ferrari FF would eventually catch up Is that fair though? Fair would be the Tesla Roadster 2. The Ferrari got embarrassed. And you can see it in the drivers soul at the end. If the Roadster 2. That doesn't sound very fair to me. Fine, pick another Ferrari. Point is, Telsa has yet to build a ground up sports car. Release the Kraken you know what i'm saying. Ferrari has yet to build a drag racing car, and hopefully never will, they just happen to be pretty damn fast at that.

    Look at LaFerrari, they are not even trying to be super quick at launching, with intentional RWD and all, but it still does mph in 4. By then the next generation hypercar Ferrari would be out and it should match the Roadster in a straight line.

    And of course it will murder the Roadster on an actual track, but probably cost multiple times as much though. Next you are gonna tell me they can beat F1 car next, with no downforce required, and massive weight being negated by magical Elon Force.

    Can you name any single reason the Roadster will be able to beat an ICE track cars with better power to weight ratio and downforce? The cars are made for different purposes. The Ferrari is built for the track, and that's where it strives and could easily beat the Tesla. The Tesla is built for the strip where it easily beats the FF.

    Both are incredible cars and just because the Tesla beat it in a straight line doesn't automatically make it a better car. Its also a 4 door sedan. The thing is insanely fast but would get destroyed by a PD on a drag strip. The Model S can't make it around the Nurburgring due to heating issues because of the weight.

    That doesn't make it a bad car it just simply isn't very good at corners. Each car has its strengths and weaknesses, and the Tesla excels at straight line speed. It would be more fair to compare the cars as a whole rather than just taking it to the drag strip and jumping to conclusions. There's more to cars than just a quarter mile time.

    Most Ferrari, yes, but to be honest nobody knows what the fuck the FF is built for, I'm not even sure if Ferrari themselves know. To be completely honest, I actually do think the Model S is a better car, not because it's faster in a straight line, but because the FF doesn't do anything that particularly well also it's not even pretty, which all Ferrari should be. That's not my point. In this circumstance, sure maybe the Model S is a better car, but alot people watched this video and automatically assumed that because it lost it's a shit car.

    Same goes for all the other cars the Model S has beat. I'm not arguing the FF is a great car but it sure as hell wasn't built for the drag strip. Its built to pick the kids up from school and grab groceries. It just so happens that by default EV drive trains are superior to ICE drive trains.

    Ferrari 488 Spider vs. Ferrari FF - Drag Racing On A Closed Airfield!

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