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  • Horsepower and Torque curve for Fiat Abarth automatic (aut. 6) ( kW / PS / hp). Data for the car edition of the year for North America .

    Use our Car Buying Guide to research Fiat / C Abarth prices, specs, the Abarth's MultiAir engine produces horsepower and lb-ft of torque.

    Length, 3,mm. Height, 1,mm. Seats, 4. Doors, 3. Luggage Capacity (Seats Up), l. Wheelbase, 2,mm. Minimum Kerbweight, 1,kg. Max. Towing.

    To go along with the extra power is a fresh-air intake system with high-flow air filter, improved-flow air box, and smoother-flowing plumbing. Last post by rkw. The time now is See standard Fiat Length The FSD system increases road holding while actively filtering out high-frequency suspension inputs from uneven road surfaces and adjusting for comfort.

    This Fiat Abarth Has HP - The Drive

    Cars by name Trucks and Jeeps. Karl Abarth started out as a motorcyle modifier and racer; a bad accident left him with a weak leg and no license.

    He attained a sidecar license, and developed a method to vary the camber of the sidecar wheel while moving, which helped him win many races. To get attention, he raced against the Orient Express train from Belgium to Paris on a small motorcycle with a sidecar. On the trip to Paris, he suffered electrical problems and arrived several minutes after the train; on the return trip, he beat the train by 20 minutes. He later developed kits to transform ordinary cars.

    He was more interested in racing than making money the win ratio for his cars was phenomenal , and Fiat eventually bought him out. The Fiat Abarth sold in North America is different from, and some believe better than, the European version. The US Abarth team, a small group, joined the SRT team at its development test tracks for a year, observing and learning, and at least one of the SRT8 engineers helped with chassis tuning.

    Abarth rotates on trailing throttle. Using a red engine cover and front fascia, the turbocharged engine has a stronger five-speed manual transmission, equal-length half-shafts to avoid torque steer, a 3.

    The engine uses a standard cast-iron block, with an aluminum bedplate. Bore is 72 mm 2. The bottom end is toughened with a forged steel crankshaft, and select-fit main bearings supported across four main journals. The crankshaft has lightened counterweights to reduce overall mass for high engine rpm operation. Forged steel connecting rods have unique cross sections to reduce bending.

    Full-floating piston pins add strength to the lightweight pistons, while cooling jets at the bottom of each cylinder squirt oil on the bottom of the pistons, cutting cylinder temperatures and reducing the possibility of hot spots along the cylinder walls or at the top of the piston that could lead to detonation. Noise is reduced and weight saved with a structural aluminum oil pan.

    As with the ordinary Fiat , the engine uses MultiAir see 1. The compression ratio is 9. The engine takes four quarts of oil, synthetic 5W recommended, with oil change intervals are set at 8, miles. Coil-on-plug ignition fires dual-tip spark plugs.

    Fuel injectors spray at the intake valves. The Abarth engine boosts output to an estimated horsepower largely because of its turbocharger, which spins up to , rpm [verified by engineer David M. Schmidt], forcing extra air into the cylinders; it normally runs at , rpm.

    The system uses two charge air coolers commonly referred to as intercoolers behind the driver- and passenger-side air inlets; these reduce the heat of the high-pressure air, allowing for higher air density and reducing the potential for engine knock. Observers say boost peaks at a whopping 18 psi, far higher than past Chrysler limits. To go along with the extra power is a fresh-air intake system with high-flow air filter, improved-flow air box, and smoother-flowing plumbing.

    Fiat Abarth 595 Review

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